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"When conventional methods didn't diminish the dermatitis on my arms, I tried Medica's Kawakawa Balm. It reduced the itchiness immediately and with use over several weeks, my dermatitis is almost gone. I would recommend Medica's product to others suffering from dermatitis."

Claire T

"I massage my 3 month old with Medica Kawakawa balm every night and every morning. His eczema-prone skin is soothed and glowing 😍 happy baba and happy mum!" 

Brittany S

"When my son got a bad nappy rash, the usual Sudocrem wasn’t touching it, so wanted something more natural to try.

I found the Kawakawa Balm so nice and velvety, very light and I didn’t need to use a lot to cover the rash. After using it multiple times a day for 2/3 days I found a huge difference, the blisters went down and it really dried out the rash to where I could then use a combination of the balm and a barrier cream to help with the healing.

After 4/5 days the rash had completely healed. This is now my go to rash cream whenever it flares up. I highly recommend this balm to anyone who’s LO are suffering nappy rash, it really worked for us. Thanks Debs for creating a lovely, affordable and natural balm."

Natasha B

"I wanted a product that was moisturising enough without leaving the skin feeling too greasy but also something natural that didn’t have any steroids. I’d heard Kawakawa was a really good healing product and really loved Medica’s Balm.

Through a combination of repeated application, and good diet, I managed to get my skin to heal, as well as keep the skin moist enough to stop the skin from cracking. I would highly recommend this product to others!"

Koreen L

"I used Medicia Kawakawa Balm on my son's mild eczema and it has helped with his flare ups. I am really looking forward to this winter and having the Kawakawa Balm on hand for his winter flare ups. So if you want to something natural and New Zealand made , totally recommend it!"



Together we are striving to improve the standard of health and outcomes of people suffering with eczema


Find out what the latest research has to say about the causes and management of eczema



We use the latest scientific research to form the foundation on which we use to develop our products

We believe you can have the best of both worlds when it comes to natural plant medicine and modern medicine, in fact modern medicine finds its roots in naturally occurring substances created by mother nature

Using our background in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology we've utilised the latest in skincare research to create a balm that uses only natural ingredients that have been scientifically shown to work

We will never compromise on quality because we believe top quality ingredients produce top quality results


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