Testimonials - Small

"When conventional methods didn't diminish the dermatitis on my arms, I tried Medica's Kawakawa balm. It reduced the itchiness immediately and with use over several weeks, my dermatitis is almost gone. I would recommend Medica's product to others suffering from dermatitis. - Claire T

"I massage my 3 month old with the Medica kawakawa balm every night and every morning. His eczema-prone skin is soothed and glowing 😍 happy baba and happy mum!" - Brittany S

"The Kawa Kawa balm has helped healing my skin condition remarkably. It also moistures my skin. I really liked using it in winter when my skin tends to get dry" - Hannah D

I have had chronic eczema since from birth as well as a list of food and environmental allergies.

My skin is considerably drier than normal and it’s become a normal thing for people to tell me I need to keep moisturising my skin, when in reality I moisturise all over three times a day (minimum). My skin on my hands also has a tendency to crack which can be quite painful, especially since I’m washing my hands so much as a Mummy, looking after my son.

I used kawakawa balm when my skin was significantly bad and wanted  a product that was moisturising enough without leaving the skin feeling too greasy but also something natural that didn’t have any steroids. I’d heard Kawakawa was a really good healing product and really loved Medica’s nourishing balm. Through a combination of repeated application, and good diet, I managed to get my skin to heal, as well as keep the skin moist enough to stop the skin from cracking. I would highly recommend this product to others! - Koreen L